Our goal is the professional and economic well-beeing of all employees in the finance and insureance industry.

We get active wherever individuals do not have the power and strength to assert the interests of bank employees. We ask critical questions, we are at the cutting edge and keep an eye on economic and political developments. 

We think about the day after tomorrow. To be successful, we maintain important contacts with decision-makers and the media. We set standards.

If basic rights and agreements on conditions of employment are not respected, the Swiss Bank Employees Association (SBEA) offers support to those who are affected and negotiates as a social partner with the employers.

We act whenever the rights of bank employees are ignored, and when a collective approach promises to be more successful than individual efforts we create networks among employees.
SBEA understands integrity as the respect for basic rights.

At a glance


In April 1918 as a professional association for bank employees in Switzerland.

After the strike of bank employees in 1918, they achieved in 1920 the “Uniform Service and Salary Regulations", one of the first collective labour agreements in Switzerland. This was replaced in 1990 by the “Agreement on the Conditions of Employment for Bank Employees".

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