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107. Assembly of Delegates of the SBEA



107. Assembly of Delegates of the SBEA

Zurich, June 10, 2024

At his 107th birthday. Among other things, the Swiss Bank Employees’ Association (SBEA) discussed and approved its strategy for the coming years at its 8th Annual Delegates’ Meeting in Zurich’s “Metropol”.

The previous Managing Director Natalia Ferrara will step down from her position at the end of August after eight years of operational activity; she will continue to work for the association on the Board of Directors, where she will be responsible for the Social Partnership department. The delegates confirmed President Michael von Felten for a second four-year term of office. In addition to him and Natalia Ferrara, Yasmina Barki, Friedrich Dumke, Flavian Heinzer, Donato Laino and Regula Steinemann were elected to the Board of Directors. This means that all language regions and the staff and staff representatives of various banks – cantonal banks, foreign banks and big banks – are represented.

The delegates also approved an amendment to the Articles of Association to simplify the functioning of the association and adapt the structures to changing member needs.