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Individual legal advice

Individual legal advice

Legal advice hotline for our members

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Problems at work?

The SBEA advises its active members on problems in the workplace and on all issues relating to employment and social security law, because every member has the right to sound professional information. Our contact persons have many years of experience and know the banking world, and will make initial recommendations and evaluate the next steps with you. We often achieve individual solutions quickly and efficiently without the need to involve a lawyer.

Anyone who has been an active member of the SBEA for at least three months is entitled to legal advice.

If, despite all efforts, a lawsuit is filed, our legal protection insurance covers the lawyer’s fees, expert fees as well as court and procedural costs.
The following expenses are covered up to a maximum amount of CHF 250,000 per case.

Costs of a lawyer

Costs for expertises

Legal costs of the other party

Court and procedural costs

Legal costs of the other party

The deductible is 15%.

The maximum amount in dispute is CHF 150,000, and here too there is a waiting period of 3 months. This period is based not on the time of joining, but on the time of occurrence of the basic event. Family members are not insured.
As a supplement to membership, we recommend the very affordable traffic and private legal protection insurance SBEA Multi Legal Protection. For only CHF 147.60 per year, you and your entire family can enjoy legal protection even for issues that do not relate to employment or social security law.

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