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Project manager Laszlo Klein in an interview with UBS



As a former UBS employee, our project manager Laszlo Klein answered a few questions for the Personnel Commission (Peko). In the interview, he also spoke about the importance of the association’s work and that a strong staff association also supports the Pekos in their work. According to Klein, the functioning cooperation of both is the key to success in working for better working conditions for employees in the financial sector.
The difference between Pekos and the association, he said, is that the former works for the interests of employees in its own company, while the latter works for all employees in the financial sector in Switzerland. For example, SBPV negotiates the VAB, the collective labor agreement for bank employees, together with KV and the Employers’ Association of Banks. The result, as well as the agreement on the recording of working hours (VAZ), would be signed by many banks, including all major institutions such as CS, UBS, ZKB, and would be binding. No company-internal regulation (such as the company-internal personnel regulations) can change the standards of VAB and VAZ to the disadvantage of the employees.