Recruit members and collect a bonus!

Member gets member

If you recruit three or more new members, you will receive the equivalent of your annual membership fee as a Coop voucher at the end of the year! For ten or more new members recruited, you can even expect a reward of CHF 500, also in the form of Coop vouchers.

Ask the recruited new members to state their name or membership number on the registration form. We reserve the right to exclude the ‘Member gets Member’ programme in collective legal cases.


When talking to your colleagues, mention the following points:

  • The right to associate is embodied in the Federal Constitution. Your membership is none of your employer's business. He has no right to ask you questions about it and cannot forbid you from joining a labour union or staff association. The SBCPV treats the names of its members with the utmost confidentiality.
  • Joining the SBEA offers you immediate rights: you have the right to advice and support from an SBEA regional manager. Many members have already benefited and appreciated their competence and commitment.
  • In complex cases, our legal advice is supported by our insurance for labour law protection. Legal fees and court costs are covered (waiting period of 3 months, maximum amount CHF 250,000, excess 15 %). This insurance for legal protection is included in the annual membership fee of CHF 190.
  • Our association is democratic. As a member, you have the opportunity to express your opinion on the activities of the SBEA and to participate in the decision-making process as a delegate in your region.
  • You will be regularly informed about important topics in the financial centre, whether by newsletter, member magazine or directly by e-mail. SBEA supports and strengthens the staff commissions if they wish to do so.
  • SBEA defends the image and interests of bank employees in the media and with regard to the administration and authorities.
  • With its biennial salary survey, SBEA contributes to a better transparency of salaries.
  • SBEA is an approved negotiating partner of the banks. It negotiates with them the Agreement on Conditions of Employment for Bank Employees and the Agreement on the recording of working time. Both agreements determine the standards in the financial sector, even for financial institutions that have not signed the agreement.