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Giro Magazine

GIRO Magazine

GIRO, the SBPV member magazine, covers financial industry trends, provides background information and looks to the future.


Giro – the magazine of the Swiss Bank Employees Association

SBEA members have been receiving the Giro magazine since autumn 2016. The publication addresses current and future trends and developments in the financial industry, and provides background information.

Giro is published annually in three languages. Members of the SBEA receive the magazine digitally free of charge.


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Anyone who is interested can order Giro back issues (from 2018) by e-mail and will receive them digitally

Giro issues

Giro 16 | November 2023: Restructuring? Social partnership!

Giro 15 | November 2022: Attractive working conditions thanks to social partnership

Giro 14 | December 2021: Do you earn more than me? Fair salary systems – a big issue in the financial sector

Giro 13 | April 2021: The impact of the pandemic on work in the financial sector

Giro 12 | November 2020: Know your rights so as not to lose them