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Offer for staff councils

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Employee participation has a long tradition in many banks. The big banks, most cantonal banks and many other institutions have internal employee representative bodies or staff councils elected by the employees. These represent the internal interests of the employees vis-à-vis the management. Their rights and duties are defined in the Participation Act and in the ACEBB (Art. 37 – 42), as well as in company regulations. Staff councils, for example, conduct the annual salary negotiations and have a say in issues relating to health in the workplace and the introduction of new technologies. In the case of restructuring, they can make suggestions as to how negative consequences for employees can be mitigated.

The SBEA works closely with the staff councils in the banks and is also active in education and training for its members.

Offer for staff councils

Our offer in detail

Basic seminars: We regularly offer full-day training courses in German and French for newly elected members of staff councils. The basic seminars are also open to HR committee members from companies in related industries, e.g. insurance and IT companies. Members of the SBEA benefit from a reduced rate. For more information, contact

Advanced seminars: Long-standing and experienced employee representatives also feel the need to exchange ideas among themselves and with outside experts about their work, their role and their experiences in order to gain valuable input and strengthen their motivation. To this end, we periodically organise full-day advanced seminars aimed at staff council members who have already attended a basic seminar or have at least one year of practical experience. These are also open to staff council members from companies in related industries, such as insurance companies. Members of the SBEA benefit from a reduced rate. For more information, contact

Specialized courses: On specific topics such as “negotiation techniques” and “labour law”, the Secretariat periodically organises additional training courses with renowned experts. We are constantly developing this service in line with the needs of staff councils. Members of the SBEA benefit from a reduced rate. For more information, contact

Staff council conferences: Twice a year, the Secretariat organises an exchange of views and experiences for members of staff councils from banks. The focus is on the discussion of current participation topics – such as salary negotiations in banks or current topics in the world of work. Members of the SBEA benefit from a reduced rate. The staff councils are invited directly to the staff council conferences.

Individual consulting for staff councils: We also advise staff councils individually. For example, when it comes to reviewing or revising a set of participation rules, or when assistance is needed with specific negotiation issues with the employer. Contact with any questions.

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