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The results of the 2023 wage survey are out

The results of the 2023 salary survey are out:In this week's member magazine "GIRO", we present the most important results (Heinz Gabathuler: "What are the latest salary trends in the Swiss financial sector?"). We have also published the median salaries and bonuses by...

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SBEA Salary Survey 2023

Salaries are an essential part of the employment relationship. How does your salary compare to that of colleagues in other banks and regions? How have salaries changed since the last salary survey in 2021? What trends are visible – e.g. in relation to the integration...

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SBPV wage survey 2021 – the most important results

Zurich, February 07, 2022 - The key results of the salary survey we conducted last year are now available online. The response to the survey was good, with 4276 participants, and comparable to that of previous wage surveys. Here you can access median salary and bonus...

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