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SBPV wage survey 2021 – the most important results



Zurich, February 07, 2022 – The key results of the salary survey we conducted last year are now available online. The response to the survey was good, with 4276 participants, and comparable to that of previous wage surveys.

Here you can access median salary and bonus data – broken down by age, gender, bank type and function level. These data are also shown with those from previous 2017 and 2019 wage surveys compared over time.

The data show that the median wages reported by survey participants are higher than in 2019 – by an average of 6.7%. The same applies to the bonuses, which are even 10% higher. However, only 32.2% of respondents said they had benefited from a wage increase last year – more had done so in 2019. And 4.5% of respondents (more than 2019) said their pay was reduced.

For our members, we will publish further detailed results in series form in the coming months: On compensation as a function of various variables, on bank employees’ satisfaction with wages and bonuses, and on job satisfaction in the broader sense.

So if you are interested in a detailed analysis of the 2021 salary survey, we invite you to become a member of the Swiss Bank Employees Association. In addition to the information on the wage survey, we offer our members a number of other attractive benefits: Free legal advice on labor and social security issues, discounts on multi-legal protection insurance and continuing education offerings, the opportunity to participate in webinars and other events, and the chance to get involved in concrete ways in the interests of bank employees.